simple photos, great passion

Katelene A. Caacbay is a college student taking up Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science at Laoag City. The photos she's/she'd be uploading are all her works during her elementary, high school and college days.

She's been into photography for seven years since 2007 when she competed for the Press Conference and represented her school when she was still in fifth grade. She was going to compete for News Writing that time but her twin sister, Kayelene, whose event was photojournalism got sick so she was put to photojournalism to compete. She got 5th place, already a good start for a first timer and she continued to take photos since that day. She's really addicted to photos that are taken accidentally. Sometimes, she'd look out the window and take pictures of men working on a rice field, children playing, and even her teacher (back in first year high school) who yawned in front of her students.

She's not a proffessional photographer but she's teaching what she had learned with others.

Laoag City, Philippines